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Hello Jennifer,

I had the same problem ( an older version ).  I loaded the [ ..... ] in a div and then added margins and padding where needed.


Thanks - I'll start there.


The readme file says - SimpleViewer-Pro v2.0.1. There is a web and web2 folder, but it doesn't include the svcore folder. I believe I found that through the support link.  I am plugging this into wp-simpleviewer 2.2.  Does the simpleviwer pro 2.1.2 package include all pieces, or does one still need to "gather" the pieces?


Thanks for the info - I think the problem might be here.

I uploaded wp-simpleviewer 2.2, and the client furnished simpleviewer pro ( but I see a folder for v1.9 in the simpleviwer ) package. I'm assuming this is an older version of Simpleviewer Pro. Does she have to purchase the upgrade, or would that be free to her? What would be the process to get the upgrade?

Within the wordpress edit page I see ( and used ) the simpleviewer button and had a page open where I could chose size, font, thumb location, etc. I also have the photo gallery edit area at the bottom of the left panel of the dashboard.

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yes - I believe all steps were taken.

Our simpleviewer project is nearly completed. We are using 2.1.2 wp-simpleviewer and went through the steps to build the pro in. The last thing we still need is to remove the simpleviewer advertising link from the bottom corner.  I believe this is a swf file causing it but can't seem to isolate the problem. The images are brought in using flicker group tags.

SWF files are here.
I’m using wp-simpleviewer and built the pro and svcore back-in. Below are all of the swf file locations.

wp-simpleviewer/ lib/expressInstall.swf