Steven Speirs wrote:

When using svManager, each gallery's index page is named 'index.php' and the index page's code is generated dynamically within this file using PHP.
If looking to link to 'index.html' files (as in the instructions for embedding 'Multiple Galleries on Separate HTML Pages'), just link to the 'index.php' files instead.


Use svManagers with SimpleViewer-Pro. After creating galleries in svManagers, I can't find "index.html" for the galleries.
It is necessary, that would create a Multiple Galleries ( … l#multiple)

I understand that this file should appear here

I realized that this program allows you to create new galleries. The question is, if I want to add one picture, then I am forced to again rebuild the gallery and to update all the files on the server? (If I just upload a new photo to the server, the code gallery will not see it without updating the code)

Thank you!