Hi Felix,
thanks for the reply

I done like you suggested me.
Now the page and the iFrame are in the same domain:
http://www.shell.it/home/content/ita/pr … lumns.html

But the issue is not solved.
It seems that the div sv-container change the position.

Any idea? I'm really worried :(


Dear team,
first of all thanks for this amazing tool.

I created a gallery for my company and they don't want to use this tool until I'll fix some problems with the iPhone.
The problems are very strange:

1 - I inserted a gallery in an iFrame and when I see it on my iPhone, it start perfectly but if I click to an image, the iPhone change the image position to on the top/left of the page. you can see it here: http://www.shell.it/home/content/ita/pr … lumns.html
How fix this problem?

2 - If I check the gallery on my iPhone without the iFrame, the image are too large and I can't surf them with the device. You can see the problem here: http://www.shellitalia.it/flickr/2_columns/index.html

3 - If I click the fullscreen button on my iPhone to the gallery without the iFrame, I see it perfectly.
You can see the link here: http://www.shellitalia.it/flickr/2_columns/index.html

I tryed to change the position of the images, use a fixed layout with no result.

Could you please help me?

Thanks a lot,