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Thanks. I went ahead and bought SimpleViewer Pro. I'll try svBuilder Pro.


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you would, however, lose the Universal Playback functionality

I've been using the version of Simple Viewer that is included in Bridge CS5. I'd like to upgrade to the pro version but I want to make sure I understand this. If I use Simpleviewer Pro in Bridge, I lose the Universal Playback functionality? Is that correct.

Since one of the main reasons I want to upgrade is to have galleries display on mobile devices, what is the best route to follow. Use Simpleviewer as a stand-alone application?

A little more information. I built my site in Dreamweaver and then embedded the gallery within a page using an i-Frame. With Bridge it is very easy because I can just save the gallery to the appropriate folder on my website.

That's simple and convenient, but if I lose the Universal Playback, I'd rather not use Bridge. I just want to make sure I understand the situation.