Ohh.. Thank you.. I must have overlooked that step..
Thank you very much for the help.

Maybe I´ve expressed myself in a wrong way.
Please look at this website: www.picturebryan.dk and click on "Billedarkiv" and choose "kvinder"
The album opens in a new window, which is nor what a really want.
I want to have the original url in a buttom or link in the left side of the album.

Where in the Simpleviewer toolbox is it possible to make that url?

Thank you in advance
And a happy Easter

Tnx. for the answer. I´m using Jalbum to make the photoalbum. And I cannot see any string in the XML file to change according to your sugestion.
Isn´t there any marker to tick on or off in the jalbum Simpleviewer toolbox?

I want to make  a link on the TiltViewer to a speciel website?

Where in settings can I avoid viewers of the album to turn pictures to se exif data on the backside?


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:( Thank you for your quick response. In the meantime I´ve done what you have suggested - unforunately without positve result.
Please try and look on this link: http://www.picturebryan.dk/album/Mænd/index.html
Background but no pictures.
In order to start from scratch, I´ve deleted everything in the library before uploading the new developed album with the new album.
Just for the record: My java has been updated


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5 Tiltviewer album created in JAlbum did I create and uploaded to a website. It worked excellent, but after having edited the albums in JAlbum a couple of times - all the fotos disappear in the presentation. Only a black background appears. I´ve tried to uninstall the skin, but unlikely the other skins, TiltViewer does not appear in the "skin" library - so how can I uninstall?
I´ve also tried to reinstall/download but without any success..
What i wrong??