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Felix - love the quick and knowledgable answers!! Anyway, based on our conversation in this thread, that's what I thought the answer would be - iWeb treating the embed as an iFrame and therefore causing SV to disable the mobile full screen button.  Bummer, actually, because iWeb '08 and '09 both handle HTML code embedding in this iFrame (or pseudo iFrame) manner, which means that the options are to either live with it or manually modify the code (which would need to be done anytime the page changes).

That said, I'll turn this into a feature request (assuming there is no technical reason that it cannot be done)... in a future version, it would be great to see an option in the mobile player that can enable/disable the mobile full screen mode when in an iFrame (or pseudo iFrame).  Hopefully the request makes sense and is possible.  Maybe something for 2.1.3 or 2.1.4.

Thanks again!



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Thanks for the reply.  That explanation makes sense the way that you describe it.  I think this reveals the source of a problem I've been having with respect to the 'fullscreen' button in the mobile browser...

My site is built in iWeb with the embed code entered into an HTML Snippet.  With SV-Pro Builder, I disabled the 'open image' button but I did include the 'fullscreen' button.  It works as expected in full browsers w/ flash.  However. the mobile version does not show the fullscreen button -- I'd love to get that to work, if possible.  I think that iWeb is effectively treating the embed code (HTML Snippet) as an iFrame (the page code does not use an iFrame tag as it uses div's instead, but maybe it is effectively the same thing)?

here is a link to the full page and then the HTML Snippet file:

http://www.petershermanphotography.com/ … dings.html  <-- Normal page with HTML Snippet used to embed the gallery.

http://www.petershermanphotography.com/ … arkup.html  <-- HTML Snippet itself (aka embed code), not actually embedded in the normal page.

Is there any way to get the 'fullscreen' option on mobile browsers to work properly when it is embedded via the HTML Snippet onto the normal page (i.e. the first link)?



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Are there any specific considerations or benefits/disadvantages of using the embed code vs an iFrame to embed a gallery into a page?  It is important that my gallery work with normal browsers and mobile devices.  As for a site creation tool, I am working with iWeb.  I've defined an HTML Snippet area on my page the size of the gallery.  From there, I can either use the embed code or insert an iFrame reference to the SV-Pro Builder created index file.  Currently I have the embed code on the live pages, but I tried the iFrame on a test page and didn't see any difference (quick test).  Any reason I should use one method over the other, or any things to consider as trade-offs?



Simple Viewer Pro is a really nice package and I am enjoying using it on my site.  I've got v2.1.2 and I understand there are some known issues with the iPhone/mobile viewer components - and these are causing me a little grief on my site.  I am hoping that my suggestions may help influence v2.1.3 (hopefully coming soon?) with some fixes and enhancements for the mobile viewer.

It may help to visit my site via an iPhone to understand my suggestions: http://www.petershermanphotography.com

Bug 1: Thumbnail layout in mobile view when embedded within another page is finicky when embed size/scale parameters are set to 100% x 100%:
When I initially setup this page, I found that the mobile viewer thumbnails did not maintain the correct position relative to the rest of the page (the code was embedded in a page with a placement size of 800px x 610px).  Everything looked great on a computer but on the iPhone it was in the wrong position (way too far down on the page) and flowed over the links at the bottom of the page.  I changed the embed to 100% x 610px and fixed the problem.  I don't know why the mobile viewer didn't understand/respect the size/position of the embedded frame when set to 100% x 100% but doesn't have an issue when it is set to 100% x 610 pixels).  I don't currently have an active page that illustrates this problem, but I post one if necessary (please let me know if you'd like to see this).

Feature Request 1: Need navigation back to embedded thumbnails when viewing an embedded main image (mobile, non-flash): 
Select a gallery on my site (for example, Weddings).  The gallery of thumbnails loads smoothly and allows the user to click on a picture to enlarge it and then navigate forward/backwards in the set while still embedded.  However, there is no way to get directly back to the embedded thumbnail view.  Clicking on the thumbnail icon in the upper right corner takes the user to another view (basically the SV-Pro main non-flash view) and is no longer embedded.  From here, in order to get back to the embedded thumbs , the user must then click the browser 'back' button.  There appears to be no way to get directly back to the embedded thumbs when viewing SV main images embedded while on a mobile device.

Feature Request 2: Need fullscreen button when viewing an embedded main image to break it out of the embedded page:
Following a similar path as my first example (select a gallery -> click on a thumbnail -> view an embedded main image), there is no full screen mode option.  I'd love to see a full screen button that would break the main image view out to full screen (and let you get back to the embedded view by tapping it again).  It is possible to get to a full screen view indirectly, but it has issues (when you get to the non-embedded thumbnail view, there is a full screen button at the upper right, but hitting it causes a "Gallery XML Not Found" error -- this is a pathing error that I suspect is related to inherited properties).  This button should be visible in the embedded main image view to make it into a non-embedded main image view.  Tapping that same full screen button in this non-embedded main image view should take you back to the embedded main image view.

Feature Request 3: Allow explicit control/override of certain assumed/inherited properties (between flash/non-flash, embedded/non-embedded):
Due to the bug I noted above, I had to change the embed parameters to 100% x 610px.  This works fine in a normal computer web browser, but on a mobile browser (iPhone), it means that the thumbs are not centered and scaled properly when viewing the non-embedded thumbnails.  SV works better @ 100% x 100% when in mobile device mode.  It would be nice to have independent size/scale parameters for the browser/flash view and the mobile view.  Further, I believe that the pathing issue I mentioned in Feature Request 1 is related to an inherited path issue as the scripts appear to be passing link, path, and gallery xml locations between the non-flash normal view and full.html.  If the normal browser and mobile views could have independent size/scale and path settings, I think this would make things much easier.  Some of these issues may be possible to fix manually, but would require this to be repeated every time a gallery is published.  The SV-Pro Builder app should be able to have control over these types of inherited properties with some options such as 'inherit from flash view,' 'explicitly set override(s)' and so on.

Let me know if you need clarification or examples.  Thanks very much.

Pete Shernan