Forgot to mention - running program as admin. Thanks.

Hi All,

I recently reformatted my hard drive and installed the OS again (Windows 7 Home Premium). Everything the same as before. Installed Adobe Air (version Adobe AIR 2.7) and then svbuilder pro v.1.

Everything installed correctly, and svbuilder pro opens to the main screen, but neither the 'New Gallery" or "Open Gallery" buttons do anything.

Have searched the forums but haven't found anything. Hopefully there's an answer because I need to get to work.


First time in the forum so please forgive newbie mistakes. I am embedding a gallery into a website (using Dreamweaver) and the gallery is aligned way off to the right, even extending outside of the container. I've tried settings in both Simpleviewer and Dreamweaver to no avail.

Here is a screenshot -

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks