Confirmed my js file path is correct, and so is my gallery path.  But I'm pulling blank. What n00b mistake am I making? … ommercial/

Don't know if I'm having the identical problem, but my WP slideshow says "Gallery XML Not Found" and I don't know why. … ommercial/

Hoping for a solution.


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Steven Speirs wrote:

The red border at the right-hand side appears on my PC in Firefox, Safari and Chrome.
However, with IE9, whether or not the red border at the right-hand side is visible is dependent on the size of the browser window. Try changing the size of the IE9's window horizontally by dragging the edge of the window and you should see the red border at the right-hand side appear and disappear.

Alas, I'm on a Mac using Safari and FF.

Steven Speirs wrote:

I'm not sure what the cause is but to minimize inconsistencies between viewing web pages in different browsers, you can check your web page for HTML errors here: W3C Markup Validation Service and for CSS errors here: W3C CSS Validation Service

The border looks fine previewed straight out of SV, it's just when it's embedded without change in a WP page that I am seeing this little shift.  I hope I can figure it out, because the slideshow needs a border and there's no reason it doesn't work right. It must have something to do with the Flash, because when I style a <div> and stick SV inside, this is still happening.


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Hey guys.

I've got my SV slideshow successfully running on my devsite, but for some reason I can't apply a 1px border to the <div> without it inserting 1px in between the left border and the image.  Anyone want to peep it in Firebug can see what I'm talking about.

I tried creating a 1px frame in SV (allowing for the extra 2px in each dimension) but when I call it on my webpage I am losing the right border.  Actually, it looks like the slideshow is shifted 1px inside the frame.  Don't know.

Anyone else see this?  I made the border red so it would be easy to see... … headshots/

Thanks, Steven.  I only need one gallery (slideshow) per post, but I understand what you're saying.  Not thrilled about losing functionality with the <iframe>, but it may be better than the clumsy alternative of dealing with the Media Library.

I had also been concerned about <iframe>'s potentially negative SEO impact.  Any thoughts there?  Does the fact that it's pulling a file from within the same domain skirt the issue for SEO?


Hi gang.

I have the current WP plugin and the lastest version of SV Pro.  However, I think I am headed for trouble because I need 3 different slideshows on my site and I don't want to use the Media Library.  Too cumbersome.

How do I get SV to work on 3 separate posts/pages?  As you know, WP messes with code when you paste it into HTML view so it may not work that way.