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Many thanks Steven. That is a shame. What I am actually trying to do is create the transition affect seen in the Piecemaker flash viewer:


The short coming of that viewer though is that is offers no thumbnail film strip option. So I was hoping to modify the transition in Simple Viewer to implement the same EaseInOutElastic Transition, which seems to be a standard Flash transition.

Auto Viewer doesn't actually have any filmstrip at all, so that is a problem for the site I am building, even though you said the source might be editable to include a different transition type.

If there was some way to implement a filmstrip, and the EaseInOutElastic Transition in one of the 2 viewers, that would be ideal.

If you have any further suggestions I would much appreciate it.



Would it be possible to implement the Flash easeInOutElastic transition on either Simple Viewer Pro or Auto Viewer Pro (preferably on Simple Viewer Pro) rather than having the sliding window or fade in fade out type transitions typically used in these packages?


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Thanks, I have read the link you gave Steven, but in Simple Viewer I have SWF slides running in lieu of JPG slides in various galleries and the getURL links work no problem. So despite the FAQ saying it doesn't work in either program, it certainly does work in Simple Viewer as I have purchased and used commercial versions of both programs Auto Viewer, Simple Viewer, as well as Tilt Viewer. So what is the difference between Auto Viewer and Simple Viewer that would allow the getURL links in SWF files work in one and not the other? Cheers.


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Actually, I don't think the action script needs to be edited to run an SWF file because I just did a test and the SWF file loaded in AutoViewer. The only issue is that the SWF file I loaded contains a button with a getURL action which doesn't work in AutoViewer. Would it be possible to enable the action in the SWF file somehow in the AutoViewer code?


Has anyone edited the action script in order to run SWF files in Auto Viewer?

If so, can you please share the code?


miker wrote:

How do I tell which version of SimpleViewer I have?

For SimpleViewer standard version, right click the SWF to see the version number. For SimpleViewer-Pro, check the readme.html file in the top level of the pro download for the version number.

http://www.simpleviewer.net/simpleviewe … #general_3

I just downloaded Simple Viewer Pro again from the original download link I was given back in 2006 when I purchased the program. The readme.html file I just downloaded says version 1.9.

Based on what I read in this Sticky I thought I would be getting the new version. I also wasted one of the 5 times I am permitted to download the program using my purchase link.

So how can I really download version 2.0.1 at this point and how can I do it without using up another one of my download allotments?

Thank you Felix. That worked.

In the end though I ended up using a different way of building my site because I needed to offer different pricing options for each picture.


I was wondering if anyone has explored the idea of using Tilt Viewer Pro as a way of displaying images for sale online? I am thinking maybe there is a way to link the info that goes on the back of a photo to an ecommerce system so that people can go from Tilt Viewer right into a credit card gateway in order to make an order for a print online.

Or if anyone has used another program that you think is good for what I am talking about I would much appreciate the input.



Thanks. I had a look at the FAQ.

It seems it might be a UTF-8' encoding issue together with the fact that I probably was using a non-standard browser font since the font would not be loaded with the Flash file.

I think as a better solution I am just going to disable the captions all together and put my watermark overlay onto the images in PhotoShop so that I can use whatever font I like.

Cheers Daniel. I tried this:

   <font font-family="bimini" size="10">©Marc Schultz</font>

But nothing changed I am afraid...

Is there a minimum font size for captions?

I have tried to reduce the font size in the Options file and it seems to have no affect when I republish the viewer SWF file.

Also, the font looks a bit jagged to me. I set it to 10 point and it looks like this: www.urbanlines.asia/X (Log-in: north - Password: south)

To me it looks much bigger than 10 point. It seems to be about 12-14 point.

Is there any way to change the font face itself too? Seems there is a default font face type, which I am not so keen on.

I am basically just trying to put a copyright watermark onto the images in this gallery using the captions function,  so I wanted to be able to make the font size small and maybe to use a nice bold and chunky font of my choice instead.

Thanks. No, I haven't tried a caption, but I am not sure it would work well in this case. Please take a look at the link I posted in this thread and you will see the non-working mailto link on the 3rd slide. If you have any further ideas on it please let me know. Thanks.

Thanks Felix. But that is not quite what I wanted to do. I have created a SWF silde I am running in an Autoviewer gallery and I put a mailto link in the SWF file as an email link. In Simpleviewer this worked, but for some reason in Autoviewer it doesn't. If you put your mouse over the email link nothing happens. 

It is the 3rd slide in this gallery: http://www.urbanlines.asia/pix/index.html

Wondering if it is possible to add Go to URL and Mailto links into SWF files for use within Auto Viewer Pro 1.4?

I used to do this in Simple Viewer Pro all the time without any difficulty, but the links I created in an SWF file running in an Auto Viewer 1.4 slide show don't seem to work.

So I am wondering if I need to make some sort of configuration?

Thanks Felix. That is a global setting though it seems.

Is there a way to put something into say the gallery.xml file in order to control the view time for each individual slide in Auto Play mode?

I am using Auto-Viewer 1.4 and I did not see a setting in the Options.as file to control the display time on the auto-play function.

In fact, my gallery is a mix of slides containing pictures and text. So if I could set the display times individually for each picture file that would be the ideal situation.

This would allow me to display pictures for a shorter time than say a text slide which needs to allow the viewer longer time to read it through.

Anyone with any thoughts/ideas on this would be much appreciated.

All the best...

As far as I can see, this issue has been fixed in the latest version of TiltVewer-Pro which I just downloaded. Has everyone else's findings been the same?

I just setup this gallery with 30 pictures and it has 2 screen loads of thumbnails.

Loading the second set is easy enough by clicking at the reload arrow below the last row of thumbnails. But how does one go back to the first screen load?

There is no way!!@!@!@:!  :?

http://www.photographythailand.com/Gall … llery.html

Thanks Felix. In that case I was wondering if there is an optimum size which would allow TiltViewer to render images with the same sharpness the photo has itself when looking at it on-screen using a regular graphics viewer? I would expect some softening and distortion from TiltViewer when rendering pictures on an angle, but even when looking at them at an angle which is straight and squared on the screen they appear a bit soft on the focus. I have been sizing images for TiltViewer at 640 on the width, which is within the maximum default size setting, but if you have done any experiments which have resulted in an optimum size for maximum sharpness on images please let us know.


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Unfortunately I could not work through your instructions on how to solve this problem Felix, although I wish I could have. Anyway, I needed to do something about it to make sure viewers were advancing to the next slide on my web site. So eventually I gave up trying and created my own solution which provides instructions to the viewer at the bottom of the slide itself. Not the solution I had hoped for, but at least I am more confident they will know what to do now to advance to the next slide. You can see the self created solution I implemented here:

http://www.marcschultz.com/Galleries/Ph … llery.html

No, it doesn't happen on that Adobe link you provided, although I can't get the site to download successfully. Maybe it is my internet connection timing out at the moment. I get an error message telling me it did not download successfully., whcih asks me if I would like to try again. It is a small dialogue box from Flash it looks like.

As far as I know though, I never installed a "Debug Version" of the Flash player. I am though running the Adobe Web Premium CS3 Suite and Flash is a part of that install. Where would we install a non debug version of the player itself though? And maybe it actually has something to do with our install's of Flash aurthoring program itself?

80% or more of the viewers won’t have the Flash program installed I belive, only a free version of the viewer they downloaded from the web in most cases.

I am trying to get an understanding of a couple of the settings in TiltViewer in regards to file sizes.

1 – In regards to 'maxJPGSize','640'; - Is this referring to total file size maximum or maximum width of the file in pixels?

2 – If it is maximum width, then what about for vertical photos, which are longer than they are wide?

3 – Is there a limit or recommended limit to the number of photos that can comfortably run in the viewer using the XML format? I think with Auto Viewer the maximum recommended number of images is 25 to 30 and was wondering with Title Viewer if it is similar.


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I think now that I have paid for a commercial version of the program, I would prefer the screen to simply say "Loading" when images are loading in a gallery.

For one, displaying the words "TiltViewer" does not tell the user what is happening when pictures and XML data are loading. For that reason alone it should simply say "Loading". More conventional.

If anyone is interested, you can see the site I have put up at www.bangkokunderground.org


Yes, occurs on your test site too.

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