I thought I had updated all my links but you are right, that was the problem.  I relied on Dreamweaver to update all my links but once I went back and manually updated each link the problem was corrected!  Thank you so much!

Ok, I'm continuing to mess around with this - I've gone back into the customization settings and used a fixed layout due to the fact that I need the gallery to fit within a specific div on my web page (I hope this is right).  This is a content div that is consistent on all pages of the site so the gallery must fit inside this.  Now I can see my page, but no gallery via the URL.  I'll keep working on this, but any feedback is greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

Hello all.  I'm sorry, I've searched the forum and can't seem to find anything that applies to me.  I recently purchased SVBuilderPro 2.1.1 and went through the instructions for creating a gallery.  This was very easy to do and I was able to move through customizing the gallery quickly and easily.  However, my problem arise when I try to embed the gallery in my HTML page.  Here's what I've done:

1.  created a gallery
2.  created a folder called "printGallery" inside my root folder
3.  copied all contents of the SV gallery into my "printGallery" folder
4.  placed the "print.html" file inside the "printGallery" folder ( I believe the instructions say this is best? )
5.  copied the embed code provided by SV and pasted it inside of a content div on my "print.html" page so that it looks like the rest of my site
6.  uploaded to the server to test via the url - I can see my gallery but my page has been over taken by it and doesn't look like the rest of my site.   

Actually, my whole page looks wrong - the links show up but none of my page graphics or anything.  Did I miss a step or do something wrong?  I want this awesome gallery to show up within my web page and I need to figure out what I'm doing wrong so I can duplicate the process for my "web.html" page. 

Here's the URL to the page:  http://designeyepeal.com/printGallery/print.html   

Thanks for taking a look!

- Toni