Thanks for the fix by specifying absolute height and width. However, is it possible to have a scroll bar? I have a lot of photos, but I don't want to make the object height 1500 or something really long like that - I'd rather keep it small and allow the user to scroll if he/she wants.

Is this possible?

the main html contains something like:
<iframe name="target" src="./files/index.html" align="left"
width="400" height="550" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"
allowtransparency="true" id="target"></iframe>

just change 'scrolling to 'yes' and you have a scrollbar.

i noticed that postcardviewer is still using the older flashobject.js (1.3d) in stead of the more recent swfobject.js (1.4.4).

this newer version could iron out a number of smaller bugs, so why not upgrade ?