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I've since found out how to achieve what I was looking to do and found the answers at the following 2 sites



Hope this helps someone out.


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I also need to change the background so that it is transparant.  However, I went to change the code on the index.html file and there doesn't seem to be a new FlashObject line anywhere.  This may have changed since the last post was made with these instructions.

Can anyone help me, i'm using the latest version and have also purchased the paid for version.

Ideally i'd like a logo in the background and have tried amending the swf.  I can get the image to display but whenever I resize the browser windo the image stays in the same place.  Is there a way for the image to automatically centre within the swf whenever a browser window is resized?  I've had a play around for what seems like an eternity but cannot achieve this.

Please bear in mind that my flash/html skills are pretty limited so any help or instructions would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.