Is there any way you could advise users of these issues when you know about them? After all, you have our email addresses from the purchase.

God knows how long my galleries have been down due to this. And I've wasted lots of time following the steps in the FAQ for this error so maybe you could update that too as maybe people don't know to visit the forum and search there for the issue ...

Hi Steven, I came looking for an answer to this too.
Any chance that you may offer a Juicebox discount to a existing Simpleviewer customer? I will no longer be needing SV if I upgrade to Juicebox, I think.

This page has a gallery using the "calligraphy" tag from my Flickr photo stream's "Calligraphy" set. Although each image only appears in the set once, for some reason they appear in the gallery more than once.

Is there an easy way to stop SV duplicating images?

When I built this gallery I opted out for flash in the hopes that ipads and iphones could view it. Not only can they not view the gallery, nor can my Android tablet.

What do I need to do to make the gallery accessible to all visitors?

Thanks in advance for advice,


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Thanks, perfect


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What do I need to adjust to have my gallery centre-aligned on my site?
This is the first time I've uploaded a gallery that's not embedded from another page and placed in a table and I can't see any obvious settings that don't already have set to centre-aligned.
Thanks in advance for advice,

Steven, thanks for bearing with me. The reason I purchased Simple Viewer is that I am not proficient with coding and I found this product reviewed and recommended for newbies such as myself. Therefore I am very grateful for the time you have spent coaching me in this and other tasks.

The original commercial gallery is now working as I want it to. Thanks for your guidance.

One day I may want to use the iframe option so I would be grateful if you could look again at the Commercial2 gallery as I have copied and pasted your code and double and triple-checked and still cannot get the other two galleries to load, only the one on the first tab, Tatler and Prime.

Thanks again,

The <td> and table widths are all now 880 but that hasn't fixed things in this gallery:

I've also tried the iframe suggestion but only one gallery shows: the first Tatler Prime gallery:

I can't find instructions for multiple iframe galleries on one page as the suggestion for multiple galleries is the baseurl method.

Hi Steven,
As soon as I enter the <td style="width: 800px;"> it turns the gallery into a mess like this:

When I remove those tags the gallery works but is still stretched across the screen like this:

Thanks Steven, this worked nicely for all galleries except those within the Commercial tabbed group.
The first tab, Tatler Prime, is fine but the second tab, Matua, is crunched up and the third tab, Models, is still stretched out.

As I've had to treat tabbed galleries differnently elsehwhere, do I need to do something different here?

Hi guys, this gallery is set to 90% and as you can see, it does't reach the right edge of the page and yet the nav strip (a table) at botom is stretched out:

It should look like this:

The other problem I'm having is I can't get the open boxes to stop showing on this gallery: I've un-checked them in the SV builder and they are showing as "false" in the xml file.

This happens quite a bit and up till now I've recreated the galleries to get around it but is there a better way?

Thanks in advance for advice,

Well it worked on the Prime gallery but I pasted the same code in the Tatler one and I still get the image names.

Thanks Steven, that's got it going now.

Just one other question: is it possible to have the image name hidden BUT have the captions showing? Most of the names of my pics are not very nice so I'd rather not have them displayed, while some have captions that are relevant, or giving credit.

Thanks Steven,
Still not right - the Prime slideshow is still showing Tatler's images.

Is there a problem using SV with tabs?

I've created two galleries and saved them in their respective folders: and Navigating to these addresses displays the correct galleries.

Yet I have copied and pasted the code for BaseURL to tabbed pages as:

            <!--START SIMPLEVIEWER EMBED.-->
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
var flashvars = {};
flashvars.baseURL = "";
simpleviewer.ready(function () {
simpleviewer.load("sv-container", "70%", "100%", "ffffff", true, flashvars);
<div id="sv-container"></div>

and I do not get the expected galleries when I browse to: and

What have I done wrong?

Thanks in advance,

Thanks, I had noticed in the free version that some of my gallery settings did not translate through to the embedded page but obviously it happens here too.

I notice when I edit an existing gallery the tweaks do not save, as in this case with the size and colour.

What percentage do I need to make the width so the embedded gallery will not stretch a 700 px page?

Thanks Steven,
What have I done wrong here?
In my gallery set up I have set the background colour to white and the width to 80%
As you can see the background is grey and the width has blown out of proprotion with the page.

Thanks, I'll give it a go.

Can I have the same gallery on different pages on different domains?

Every gallery I've made to date has been on its own page. But now I want to add a small gallery within a tab on a Spry Tabbed Panel 2 page in Dreamweaver.

I'll be making several galleries on each page within my site so how do I handle multiple copies of gallery.xml and other associated files?

Thanks in advance for advice,

Thanks Steven, I've purchased the Pro version.

Hi Steven, thanks for replying.
I've decided that the "classic" view works best - we did like "compact" but it was cropping the images.

However the image name is scrunched up as in

I looked in gallery.xml and couldn't see an option to reduce text size. Is this an option?


This gallery has a black background which is hiding the scroll button for the thumbnails.

Please can someone tell me how to get them to show up? They do appear with a background of any colour except black, but the gallery needs to be black to fit in with the web design.

Thanks in advance,

Thanks for replying.

I had checked the FAQ before posting but neglected to say that I do have the latest version of Flash installed so the suggested fix, to install the latest version, will not help in this case.

This page looks right in FF but in IE9 I  can't see the large image, only the thumbnails, which are all scrunched up below like this:, unless I click on to full screen, but then the thumbnails disappear from view.
Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Thanks so much for replying. All is good now.