EDIT - appears to be fixed, not sure how, but please ignore this post for now.

Hi, Im using SVP (WP-SimpleViewer 2.2.0). I just updated the WP Simpleviewer yesterday, but that took me back to "un Pro" version. I then uploaded the svcore folder to make it Pro again. Probably not a good idea, should have checked it wouldnt break the new version of WP Simpleviewer.

Problem now is, I can add new images to Media, attach them to correct page, but they are not showing up in the gallery. Yes I have cleared cache, yes permissions 777. I have downloaded the 1.XML file and the new images are not in there. Yes I can add them manually, but my client wont be able to do that. Can you suggest what might be the problem please?

I disabled all plugins (only TinyMCE advanced and Simpleviewer), no improvement.

URL removed - working now

The gallery xml is in the wp-content/uploads/ folder - is that where it should be? I was expecting to find it in the plugins folder, but not there.

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***** I downloaded the xml file after uploading the new images, updating the page, updating the gallery - new images not listed in the xml file.
20 minutes later the images are showing up so I download the xml file again and the images are now in the xml file?
Is that a cache on the server? Ive never known that to happen before?

Hi Steven,
I have SVP in a Wordpress installation and would like to increase the space between the thumbs and the main image.
I have one column of thumbs on left with a 600 x 600px main image. Is there a specific line in the wp-simpleviewer/css/generator.css (or other) file that I can edit to increase the space between the column of thumbs and the main image? If I had two columns of thumbs, I would like to change the space between the right column and the main image, not the space between the two columns.

Hoping I can increase this space?

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Wonderful :) I found the galleries xml file and was able to add hyperlinked captions, order the images and remove images from the gallery.

Only one small hitch and I think I'm all sorted :) - when I add the captions, refresh the gallery, the font and colour of the captions is correct (white and Arial), but after browsing the gallery to the right direction, then going back to the left through the gallery, the caption font changes to black and typeface Times. Do I need to specify the font style within the html tags to ensure it stays white and arial? Firefox and Internet Explorer changed the font after going back through the gallery, but not Chrome (stayed white, Arial).

Thanks again for your help.

Thanks Steven,
ok so plan B. Can I exclude some images that are currently attached to page Y from displaying in the page Y gallery?

Edit the gallery.xml for that gallery?

I have also built a gallery with the SV builder Pro, but I haven't been able to find how I can insert that into a WP page? Can that only be done with an iframe or can I insert with shortcode?

Thanks for your help. I know once I get my head around these issues I'll be inserting galleries everywhere :)

Edit. I am happy to use the insert gallery via Icon on the page and then add options to the Pro Options section of a gallery.
I have added:


Can I exclude images from the gallery also in the pro options box? I couldnt find that option, but it may be available?

Hi, I have used SV plugin before and have loved the customising ability, colors, sizing, layout etc but I am having trouble inserting galleries. If someone can please set me straight? I purchased SVPro today.

Wordpress page Y, insert an SVP gallery, creates shortcode [simpleviewer gallery_id="1"] and displays the images attached to the page I am inserting the gallery into (page Y).
That was fine, BUT I want to insert a gallery from images attached to another page (X), into that page (Y).

How do I do this please? I dont want any images attached to page Y to show in the gallery on page Y, only images attached to page X. Can I do this?

Many thanks for any help.

Hi, I tried and tried, reloaded galleries etc, cleared cache, finally managed to get one caption to show, but no other images will show their captions. Captions were added via Media, to the images Captions field, saved etc, but still dont display.

Gallery http://www.supercivil.com.au/projects Simpleviewer 2.1.3, WP 3.1.2, any ideas what the problem might be? Image 2 and the last image in that gallery have captions, but they are not displaying.

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PS yes I did originally post this in wrong forum section, so I shifted it  :)
And yes I have updated the gallery, didnt help