Yes that looks very helpful. Thanks for the link. Cheers.

I'd like to request that the relationship between the various elements of a gallery be better documented.

I'm playing around with SimpleViewer Pro, trying to get the layout I want, and it occurs to me that I'm essentially guessing at values and then trying to interpret the results. It seems like a lot of work, and all I'm doing is piecing together a rough approximation of how these values are being interpreted. This is further complicated by the interplay between layout values for various elements.

If this were HTML/CSS I'd be able to observe what's going on, but because it's flash the whole thing seems more or less opaque. (Unless I'm missing something.)

This is further complicated by the interface of svBuilder which makes it difficult to see more than a few of these values at any one time. Maybe it could be redesigned with a 'Layout' header under which you could spell out all of the various layout related settings.

I like SimpleViewer a lot, but in terms of usability it's a little lacking.

Was this ever addressed? I'm having the same issue. Using fixed layout in Pro 2.1.3, I'm having a difficult time getting things to position in a way that makes sense/seems consistent. For example the caption Y setting seems to have no effect on the position of the caption.

I'd like to display the image but not the image count in the caption overlay on the mobile site. Is there a way to do this?

(Hope I'm not missing something obvious here. If I am then maybe this will help someone else who might miss the same obvious thing.)