I have read and re-read the directions on embedding multiple galleries and simply cannot figure out how to make pages that look like my site but work like the example.  I have tried to make one here   
http://honeybearpreschoolandchildcarece … ooms.shtml   

and the galleries that are linked to it are exactly what I want them to look like, but when they open I lose the header so I cannot switch between galleries like the example.  I am sure it is a small tweak, but I cannot seem to get it.

Thanks for all,


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Hi Steven,

Thank you so much ... I was just so confused and getting frustrated, but now it is working.



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Hi I am a brand new user of SimpleViewer 2 Pro.  I have made a couple of galleries, none of which look like I expect them to so I am wanting to edit them to see if I can get closer to what I am wanting.  When I navigate to the SimpleViewer folder on my local drive, I see both the gallery.xml and the index.html files as well as the various folders, but both of the files are grayed out and inaccessible.  Please help.