Thanks! OK now.

Thanks, but my svcore is empty! Don't know what happened. How do I get a new Pro?
I am not at my home, maybe I have the map at my homecomputer. That is next monday,
I like to have it as soon as possible.

I installed Nextgen 2.2.30 and it works again :-) But how can I get back the Pro version?
And I cannot style it as I did.

I am trying hard to have the galleries working. I installed the latest version of Simpleviewer plugin, that works. No faults anymore, except even no galleries. Instead I get the message: No Images Specified in Gallery XML.

After an update (Nextgen) Simpleviewer is gone, no gallery and not possible to go in the backend.

What can I do?

I use Simpleviewer pro version, I want to upgrade it to version, how do I do?

Ok. It's a pity. Thanks for your answer.

Is it possible to convert the projects in a static website to a WordPress site with the plugin?

Thank you Steven. I think I want to use juicebox, but a view questions about it. How does it look at a mobile? And where can I make changes? In SV I did it at the config.xml. I put another screenshot of what I want to change: … Cvjma?dl=0 Compare to the the good screenshot.

I looked for Juicebox, because that can be a solution. But some problems I got: the transparency.png I use to show some tekst, doesn't show in the preview and no thumbnails, only one thumbnail is seen. When I click at the square the image is coming. So? Do you have an idea?  Thanks

Hi Steven, Thanks for your help. I did all the suggestions you said in your reply. But no solution. I think it has to do with flash, when I give Chrome permission for flash, the good version came. Here are some screenshots: … Cvjma?dl=0

A client complained about her website, at once the view of her images has changed. No images, just arrows. At my Macs it is a good view and some at Windows, but she and others has a wrong view. The same as at my mobile, very rare.
How and what can I do? I can send you screenshots, don't know how it works in this message.
This is the url:


I bought the WP-Simpleviewer Pro and wonder if I can change the color of the grey buttons in the right top. I hate the color!

Thanks, Jelske

Dear Steven,

I want to give you a hug  :), it's all done and working well. Thanks to your excellent support. I updated NextGen and everything works fine again. I can sort order again. And visible at the mobile device too.

Thanks a lot


That works, thank you very much. But, before I updated the plugin, I could'nt change the sort order and that problem I still got. In the manage gallery I can move and switch the images, but when I update the sort order, it changes back to before.

What happens?


I'll do, next week I will update this site.



Dear Steven,

Many thanks for your detailed response, I give you a kiss  ;).  Now it's clear to me, it was such a long time ago I made this site.


OK, thats fine. But it's only possible for new albums? I need to change the current albums? And update my Nextgen Plugin anyhow. Because I stopped updating Nextgen, too much problems.

Thanks for your answer. I have only the simpleviewer.php file in the xml folder in the nextgen-flashviewer folder. At top of the file: SimpleViewer-XML V1.00
+    by Alex Rabe
+       required for NextGEN Gallery FlashViewer




I have to update a website with 4 albums and a lot images, made in Nextgen and visible with Simpleviewer pro. I want to update her site, because the images are not visible (need of flash) on Mobile Devices. What is the best way to do this? And the less work!



I checked the website for malware on Virus Total, nothing. I checked Google webmasterstools, nothing. I don't think it is malware. Is it possible when I do have a tiny Wifi, SV is sending the JS code: <script type="text/javascript"  style="display:none">? Or it has to do with Firefox? The first image of the simpleviewer is visible.


I am using SimpleViewer-Pro v2.1.3, and I get on my Macbook Mac Os 10.7. and Firefox this code in the page code:

    <script type="text/javascript"  style="display:none">/*
* SimpleViewer-Pro v2.1.3
* © 2011 SimpleViewer Inc. All rights reserved.

and simpleviewer is not coming up, nothing at all. How come? What is the problem? In Safari it's working fine.



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Thank you very much for the clear explanation, thats how I can resolve this.  :)


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That's what I ment, and there is no possibility to click on the image and show the image in a bigger resolution?


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Is there a possibility to show the image bigger by hovering or clicking at the image, not the thumbnail?


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Thanks.  :)  I changed the percentage in the index file and now its at the place where I want it.  Color is OK.