I made a fixed layout for my gallery, now is the preloader shown far besides the thumbs. Its very ugly, because it shows at the border, exact between two colors. There is no possibility to change the backgroundcolor, because it is white and a colored background. Is there still not a possibility to change the position of the preloader? :|

Thanks for thinking. I'll try, that seems to me a good solution.

Thanks for your answer. Text in an image was my idea too, but is it possible to use firstImageIndex for showing no image? This index starts with 0, but maybe I can use a - sign or keep this empty? And put a layer with text under the place for the image. That was my better idea if this is possible.

Is it possible to start  simpleviewer with text instead of the first image? I have Simpleviewer pro and I want to start at the place of the images with a text. I cannot find how and if it is possible.


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Fantastic, its working very, very well. Thanks for the support. :D


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Thanks for the service, I got it. I'll try to do this, but not at once, so I'll send a reply when it is not working or even if it works.


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Please fill out this form to receive a new link

I did this 5 days ago, but so far: No new link! :(


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Upgrades are free within the same major version number so if you have purchased SimpleViewer v2.x, you can download the latest version (v2.1.3) by using the link in your purchase email.

I think thats my abuse, I just got the v1.9 years ago and as I now understand, I have to purchase the v2.x and pay again for it?


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I tried all this to do, but I really don't understand it. First, I don't get the Pro-version, even if I got it from the link I purchased on 27th of may 2009. Second. I didn't use the svBuilder, I made all the galleries manually, because the Builder has to less possibilities. So if I update the galleries, all my css code has gone and it is overwritten by the svBuilder. What can I do more for the updated version so I get the mobile player?


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After a few years unusing, I use again Simpleviewer Pro v.2.1.3. I saw the possibility of using mobile player for mobile devices. But how do I use that? I cannot find a mobile player, my gallery doesn't work at a mobile, despite I use the update. Can some tell me what I have to do to install/set/use the mobile player?  I only found the mobile player options for use in the gallery.xml file. Do I put this? Thanks

I looked on and I saw that I used the  version 1.9 :/  with that guide and I embedded this code:

<script type="text/javascript" src="swfobject.js"></script>
<div id="flashcontent">SimpleViewer requires JavaScript and the Flash Player.
<a href="http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer/">Get Flash.</a></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
var fo = new SWFObject("viewer.swf", "viewer", "750", "375", "8", "#FFFFFF");
fo.addVariable("firstImageIndex", "3");


Is it easy to change it to v. 2.1.3? I made 12 gallery's! I even made changes in the viewer!