Great, thank you! I'll definitely try that, but it looks like it could take some time to master and unfortunately, I don't have that time right now.

Thanks for SimpleViewer!

It's in the FAQ:

22. Using buildgallery.php, how can I sort my images by filename or in forward date order?

By default buildgallery.php sorts images in reverse date order. To change sort options, edit buildgallery.php. In the gallery options, set sortByDate and sortInReverseOrder as required

I'm using SimpleViewer for the first time and I notice some lightening of images in SV. I hadn't noticed it until I had an image with some very white areas with a small amount of detail. Those white areas get completely blown out. I also now am aware of an overall lightening.

I haven't noticed a difference between Safari and FireFox. I'm using sRGB.

Is it possible to reposition thumbnails in SimpleViewer Pro more precisely than in SimpleViewer (free)? I want to position the thumbnails on the left side with the top of the thumbnails flush with the top of the image (or higher). How is this done?

I have to use a fair amount of space for the caption, so the way it is now, I can't have many thumbnails, even though I would like to.

Here is a link to the site I'm working on:

I think what Felix means is that in the caption on the gallery page, you will put a link to a page that contains all that other code and from that second page they would be able to purchase what they had seen on the gallery page.