Thanks, Felix. I got that, but then the text flips backwards and I can't say "previous page" because the arrow symbol is only programmed once. So, that's why I'm wondering how complicated it would be to do what I want. Thanks!

I have a client that wants to change the arrows to say "previous page" and "next page" along with the arrow symbols for the navigation under the thumbnails. Is this possible to do and if so, how complicated would it be?



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Here I am answering myself again, but I wanted to post it in case anyone ever needs the information.

You can embed a font in flash through the library. If you need help with that, just look in the flash help files with the term "font embed".


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Ok, I just figured out that users actually have to have the font installed on their systems to see it. Is there another way to do this, like sifr or something?


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Ok, never mind, I just figured out that I don't actually need an image, that I could just change the font...duh. :oops: So, it's fine now!


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Anyone, pretty please?? This is super-important. I bought the pro version just to be able to do this for a client site and if it doesn't work, it's going to mess the whole project.


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I just purchased SimpleViewer Pro because I read on the forum that I needed to purchase it in order to make the tiles into images. I have multiple galleries and they need a different title image for each.

So, I have the flash file open here, but all I see is a way to change the font, but nothing about graphics.

I also tried editing the title like this:

title="<img src="image.jpg" >"

But all this gives me is a black box.

Can anyone help me?