After little searching around the internet I found the following link ... … extfields/

wmode=transparent confuses flashfiles in Firefox, Safari and Opera and there seems no solution around ...  :cry:

This issue has nothing to do with PostcardViewer at all ...



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Sorry, I didn't realized that ...  :oops:

That is exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks for your help and your great work ...  :)


Yes, you are right. Your demo works like it should - even in my Firefox browser ... :shock:

Here is my demo, that isn't working:

(arrow keys only work with MS IE)

Did you get the difference ...?
I use the "transparent hack" described here: … php?t=1379

Any chance to get background picture and arrow keys working at the same time ...?



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Is there any way to influence the number of columns ...?
I get always five - no matter what dimension the PostcardViewer area has ...  :?:
Unfortunately some of the pictures are off the screen (top and bottom) and on the left and right there's free space ... :-(
It would be best to use the complete object area ...

Dirk from Hamburg/Germany.

BTW: PostcardViewer looks really cool. Thanks for the great work.  :D


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Is it possible to add any kind of title to any image in the gallery without messing with  the source code?

I have the same needs and figured out a little work-around ...

Make the title part of the image. You have to add the text with a white background at the bottom of each picture, so the human viewer gets the info and the result looks not so bad ...  :idea:

Dirk from Hamburg/Germany.

Arrow key navigation only works if you click on the SWf first.

That's only half of the truth ...

Keys (arrow-keys and spacebar) don't work with Firefox (, Netscape 7.0 and 7.1) and Opera (8.54). All browsers tested in PC-versions.

The PostcardViewer works only with the mouse - but if you have more photos than fitting on the screen, you can't reach them ... :?

It seems to me, that navigation with keys only works with Internet Explorer (7.0) ...  ;)

Any workaround available ...?

Dirk from Hamburg / Germany.