trying to stop smiling/crying, as i'm almost there!

new(ish) problem...

i've got my postcardviewer gallery showing, and can insert it into my table, no problem. however in the top cell of the table, i have a logo, current throughout the site. i can see it there in dreamweaver, but when i preview it disappears! all i get is the postcardviewer gallery!

what NOWWWWW????


that's great felix - thanks.  however that DOES mean i'll probably have the same problems!

tell me, is it usual for people to experience all this?! the main problem i'm having is i can't view the gallery/ies within my pages. i'm sure i'm doing something simple wrong but i can't figure it. i just get the message about "...requires flashplayer. click here to... blah".

fyi i'm running xp & using dreamweaver 8. i'm also running the most up-to-date version of flash player.

and having a nightmare with this - it's the one thing stopping me from launching my site :(

anything you can advise would be greatly appreciated...


hi guys & gals...

i'm building a static website using dreamweaver 8; all going fine so far..... until i got to the photo galleries!

i really dont want to resize images to create thumbs etc, its time consuming & so i stumbled upon simpleviewer.  hooray i thought, the answer to all my problems.  however, having found no tutorial within this forum (or faqs) to get around the problems i had trying to embed simpleviewer into a table cell, i've given up & am now trying postcardviewer.

i cn create a gallery no problem; it views fine in ie7, i can change the background colour etc.

my question now is simple: can i embed that gallery into my html page? i want to keep my nav bar, logo etc & simply drop the postcardviewer gallery into a table cell.

simpleviewer covers this within the faqs (even though i cant do it!, but nothing similar for postcardviewer.