Hi Steven,
This is the closest post to my issue as I use SWFtools in Drupal 6. I have followed the instructions here: http://www.simpleviewer.net/simpleviewe … tml#drupal but still my newly created page only displays the code not the gallery I created in svBuilder. I admit confusion over: /drupal_folder_path_from_root/ and if this is a specified folder path requiring a trailing slash instead of a leading slash and also that this differs from the embedding code the svBuilder generates, I have tried both without success.
Perhaps you would be kind enough to provide an example of the path if I was to tell you my Drupal insallation is directly in public_html i.e. sites, themes, modules & includes folders etc are in public_html. Have tried numerous locations and paths with the iframe command including sites/default/files as SWFobjects default media files location is set & protected at this location.
If there is an alternative using the svBuilder generated code in a Drupal created page, further examples would also be useful or at least clarification of whether to abandon this approach when using Drupal would be greatly appreciaited.

Kind Regards

A.J. McIntosh