And is it possible to change the height as well? There is a lot of blank space above and below the image, especially above. (using free version)

edit: actually, I misread the original question. I was thinking of space outside the image frame, I want to reduce that, not the frame size itself.


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I used your code and your XML file and it worked fine on my server. When I delete the "viewer.swf" file from the directory that the html file is in, I get a blank black screen, with nothing loading. Do you have "viewer.swf" in the same directory (simpleviewer)?


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In the header section of the html page, remove the "overflow: hidden;" line and that should take care of it. Also, that page you linked to doesn't exist, but it does if I change it to "index.html".


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I think you *might* be able to move the captions above the thumbnails if you're using the PRO version of simpleviewer, but I'm not positive as I don't have the PRO version; the PRO notes say you can modify the X/Y coordinates of the caption placement.

You can change the caption text by modifying the XML file though, even without the PRO version. Change the text in between each <caption></caption> tag set. At least that way they won't be called xxx_xxx.jpg.

Take a look at the site I'm currently working on. You can view the source and see which <div> has the script in it. The "weddings" directory contains the index.html, gallery.xml, swfobject.js and viewer.swf.

Also, if you give us your website address we could better help you by looking at the code.


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I've had this happen because I had a <base> tag in the header, and none of the links in the auto-generated index.html file (from picasa) had the correct directory prefix.

I can't right-click and view the source on your page though, the flash is covering everything. Can you post your html here for us to look at?


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Why do you need to use the <embed> or <object> at all? You should be able to put it in a <div> tag, or <td> if you want.

See the site I'm working on at the moment.

If you edit the xml file so the "navposition" value is set to "right", the thumbnails will appear to the right of the main picture. Setting it to "top" will put the thumbnails on top, "bottom" will put them to the bottom, and "left" will put them back on the left.


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Check #13 on the FAQ page. You have to set the "enableRightClickOpen" value to "false" in the xml file.

I just realized though, you can view source to find see what the xml file is called, then just view that in the browser and get the image directories and names, and pull those up in a browser too. At least, you can do this if SV isn't taking up the entire browser window so you can view source.


Anyone else know a way to hide that information?