I want to use a simple javascript popup window code in the links for each image...


Because the next step doesn't need to have a full sized window as the information that appears is just a paragraph with another link.

Is this even possible in the free or pro version? I know in the pro version you can state what window you want the new page to load into, but I haven't seen anything specific to window sizing as well.

Any info is appreciated, thanks!

Ok I learned this one the hard way just now so wanted to pass the info onto anyone else who has experienced this.

I was creating my gallery offline and it showed up and looked great in the browser. I uploaded everything to my site for testing on another system and all of a sudden nothing was showing (on the same computer), not even the gradient in the background of the flash.

It took me about 10 minutes of kicking my computer to figure out that my server converted all the files to lowercase upon upload, and that "TiltViewer.swf" became "tiltviewer.swf", and inside the HTML file it was wanting to look for the file with uppercase letters in it. It didn't see that file and didn't display anything.

Once I changed what was in the HTML file to all lower case, then it appeared again. Hope this helps!

Well I've had problems in the past using iFrames, but did a few searches and it seems most if not all browsers now handle them fine, so I will definitely consider it. So I just add the iframe data within the xml file for each listing?

I absolutely love Simpleviewer but had a question. I want to have a page with 2 frames, one will have Simpleviewer. I was wondering is it possible via the XML file to include information that loads an html page in the 2nd frame on the page? If so, how?

Right now I have a link for each of my images in the description area, but I wanted to see if there was a way of just getting rid of that and have the info for each picture load in the 2nd frame when they click it in the gallery.


Actually I just did the path of least resistance, sorry for the late post on this.

I totally removed the popup window code from within the gallery.xml file and had it load the next page in the same window the gallery loaded up in. In the 2nd html file I just had a "Back to Gallery" link to take you back.

I actually like this method better than what I originally intended to do simply because it looks slicker being all in the same window. :)


Nevermind, had to get this done today and worked out another method.


I use a javascript pop up window script that lets me set the specific size of the new window, including whether it shows scroll bars and all of that stuff. It's a common script found anywhere on the web.

In the gallery.html file I have it load this javascript file. In the gallery.xml file I add this to bring up the new window:

<a href="JavaScript:OpenNewWindow('NAME.htm','200','100')">Click Me</a>

The 200 and 100 are the dimensions. Anyway, I load up the Simpleviewer, it shows the "Click Me" link. I click it, but instead of it loading the other html file in a new window, it simply loads the html file into the same window that Simpleviewer is, overriding it,  and I have to right click and select "back" to get to the viewer. Is there any way of getting this to work right? Thanks!