Great thanks for your answer

why SimpleViewer and tiltViewer hasn't home back batton. It is problem for me. I have put galery simpleviewer into my web page and it works very well but when I want to go to previous page (the page where came just to galery) it is impossible. Of course I coud use back arrow in my browser but it isn't comfortable to look back for 50 pictures which I've just seen.  Maby it is somewhere in html code or somethink else but I don't see it? Please help me.

Thank You for anwer and advice. I made my galery and it works very well. ajor.

When I want to install "airtight_CS4_scripts.mxp" by Adobe Extension Menager CS5.5 then I had information that I have to install higher version of Photoshop than 11 but I have - 12.0.3 - CS5