hi steven, thanks again for your efforts in helping me, this is last time i promise lol, I'm strugling tried some of the stuff you said to no avail, i can make it work fine leaving the files loose in the public html files, when i embed using webeasy flash player i think the script it makes needs to point to a piticular file within the html files, here is the script it generates, any ideas what i must change to point it to lets say file called "ali day"

<script type="text/javascript"><!--//
    //--></script><noscript><a href="[~simpleviewer.swf~]" target="_blank">Play</a></noscript>

I really wanna use your player as i love it, and will upgrade to pro version if i can make it work, many thanks John

Hi steven, still having a lil trouble, so sori to be a pain, using sv builder uploading to server to a file eg, "my slide show" still cant make it work, with all the uploaded files loose in public html it works well and it finds all files, but putting them in my slide show it dont, what must i change and where? for it to locate the correct file, and what must i put in index page name? if i leave it index html it loads the slide show on going to the site, once again sori to appear stupid, regards John

Ah thanks steven, great idea will try it for the next album, you been grt help many thanks John

Hi Steven, thanks for your quick reply, i asked so as to make it easy to delete the files at later date to change slide show,in one folder called maybe "my slide show" would make this easy to do, then upload new show to same file. I done things a diferent way anyway, as im using webeasy and was having trouble embeding the code on page, so i linked to the swf file and it seemed to work also uploading all files loose in public html page, but of course the files scatter making it harder to delete at later date. Sori to be long winded but i'm fairley new at this,and i loved the viewer type you offer, best regards John. Ps the site is www.bernewodegolfsociety.com and any help you got on offer for using with webeasy pro 8 will be gratefully recieved, i googled it but cant find anything on adding SV to webeasy.

Hi all, when uploading files to server should they be put in new folder, or just as and where they land in the public html files. many thanks to anyone who replies, JC