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Hi Steven,

Thank you for your reply.  Do you have on staff, or know of anyone, I could hire to set-up a gallery for one of my items, then I could copy and make changes to do the rest.  I'm not really sure how to go about this and would much prefer to pay someone to set it up and make sure it works as it would probably take me months to get it done.  I hope this is an approriate question to ask.

Thank you again,

I am new to AutoViewer and have a need which I hope AutoViewer will fill.  I sell clothing and each item has has it's own page.  There is a large photo and several thumbnails of detail views.  I would like a way to allow user to scroll through the detail views using large images.  I think I can do this with AutoViewer, but my main question is can I have a seperate gallery for each item.