I'm using Wordpress 3.2.1 template

and the template also include swfobject.js whose name is exactly same with the one included in TiltViwer-Pro.

It seems like that I have to change file name and some of variable in the swfobject.js

As I anylyze the source code of swfobject.js, I thought that I have to change

all of the "SWFObject" variable in JAVASCRIPT file to alternative as well as in the HTML file.

Is it correct?

Then, does TiltViwer.swf can be used without modifying?


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When I saw TiltViwer, support Flickr image looks great

because I'm using Flickr service and don't need to upload my pictures on my blog once again.

Do you have any plan to support Flickr image gallery?

If so, it would be great if you it support Flickr image according to given tags or sets.

Best regards