thank you for your reply. unfortunately my computer crashed about a year ago and i lost all my business emails, which included the email containing the transaction id etc. which is required on the form. Can i request an upgrade without this information?

i am using v2.13. unfortunately i do not have the time to re-create this problem as i am still trying to re-create the files i lost.

website folder>
index.html etc.

i have also looked at upgrading to the latest version and it says there is a cost involved. surely if there is a bug in v2.13 the upgrade should be free?

was just making some changes in a previously created gallery in sv pro. saved fine. but imeediately after i checked the folder i store my png files for my web site in, (which has no connection to the gallery) and the folder was empty. the files have not moved to another location and they are not in the recycle bin. all other folders (which are replaceable) surrounding the gallery files are ironically unaffected. this is a huge issue, as the png files are irreplaceable and have to be created again from scratch. i've lost 5 hours design work because of this glitch! what is being done about this issue as i am understandable extremely upset at the time lost?