Oh cool. Thank you. I wasn't aware that XML options could be used as flashvars. That isn't very clear from the options page.

Wait...yes it is! -> "It is also possible to set any of the options above using a FlashVar."


Thanks Steven.

I have a gallery that I'd like to display in the Modern/Left config on one page, but on the Modern/Bottom config on another (space constraints). Is this possible? I'm using the Flash embed code.

I thought maybe it was possible with a param or attribute, but I'm not finding a listing of the available options for the non-pro version.



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Thanks for the help. I think I have some CSS cleaning up to do.


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Thanks for that. I appreciate the help.

Any idea why the captions don't show in the mobile viewer for the homes gallery?


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I don't want the galleries to be mobile-only, just mobile-friendly. Tried the uncheck flash method, and it doesn't seem to work (see the agricultural gallery for an example).



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Alright, I tried making a new gallery, and it works. Bummer that I have to recreate all my other galleries just to get this to work. Is there any way around that? I tried the "rebuild" option, but nothing happened mobile-wise.

Also, I can't get the captions to show in the mobile version. Works fine on the Flash version (I'm using the compact viewer with the thumbs on the bottom). I've tried unchecking the float captions, and changing the height of the captions. Also, it is "Mobile Show Caption" is checked in the mobile options.

Thanks Jack. I think the problem I'm having is that all of my galleries were brought over from an older version of svManager. Do they need to be re-made from scratch with the new svManager in order to have the mobile playback?



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OK, thanks. However, it must not work with existing galleries that I brought over from an older version of svManager...right? Because it doesn't work for me. Do the "mobile" galleries need to be made from scratch in the new version in order to work?

Thank you.


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Follow up question, since I haven't seen a reply in the svManager post.

Can I create a mobile gallery in the newest version of svManager? If so, how? Or, do I need to buy Simpleviewer Pro to do this? Even when the web site says the non-pro version says it can do universal playback?


I have svManager 1.7.8. How do I create mobile-friendly galleries? Do I also need SimpleViewer Pro?

This page says regular SimpleViewer supports universal playback - http://simpleviewer.net/simpleviewer/support/#universal

Do I need to buy SV pro and put it in the svManager plugin folder?