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Thank You for Your answer.

Does Your answer mean that gallery SimpleViewer has no function even in source actionscript files for stopping the download of ALL images at the moment when the gallery is loaded?

I have found a solution to stop cache which works well for the whole HTML pages of my website except with the gallery which loads the images before they are shown.

I want the gallery to download the images directly from the server at the moment of viewing/click. For example, I open the gallery, the small images (thumbnails) and the 1st big one are shown (downloaded),  then I want to view for example the 6th image, so I click on the 6th thumbnail and the 6th big image starts to download from the server (NOT from the downloaded in advance all images at the moment of first opening of the gallery as it happens NOW).

Thanks in advance.


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Thanks for the answer.
I would like to give some more details to my inquire:
the gallery is uploaded on the server, when the viewers open the gallery all the images are downloaded to temporary folder (cached), so my question is if it is possible to open (view) each image at the moment of viewing (clicking) directly from the server NOT from the temporary folder (cache)? So is it possible to view the images without their download in advance to temporary folder?  :)


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Hello  :) ,
I am a beginner. Is it possible to stop browser caching? :)  I would like the gallery to load images directly from the server without saving them on the local disk. I have v1.9
Thanks in advance!