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Ok, have reposted and you have already replied.

Incidentally I run a similar forum using phpBB and have installed two mods that will eliminate your spam. More details here:

MOD 1.
New members can only post URLs once they've made x posts and been active for y days. Configurable in the admin panel.

Mod details and download here:

MOD 2.
Prevents bot registration if anything is filled in the profile fields, has a notice to warn human registrants. Can also send a notification email to admin.

Mod details and download here:

Pretty simple to install and by using both together it clears up the spam problem from manual and automated submissions instantly together with completely removing the www field from the registration form.


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Thanks for the reply, thats the first place I went and I have already tried all of that.

Could it be cached at the ISP end and not on a local browser as I have even tried on a different computer in the office.

Loading the gallery using a different provider gets the latest version.


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Repeating yesterdays post as it seems to have gone out with the spam, I have a serious cache problem - I can't view any new images on any machine that has displayed the gallery with the old ones.

Tried two computers and 3 different browsers.

When I viewed it at home (out of the office) it worked perfectly.

Any suggestions ?


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I posted something on here yesterday that seems to have been deleted ????