I'm having a hard time upgrading my existing galleries to 2.2. They're not displaying correctly. Here is what I did:

I made a copy of my gallery folder.
I opened SV.
From there, I opened up the copied gallery file.
I went to Publish. I selected the original gallery folder and clicked Save.
I then opened the original html file in Dreamweaver.
I embedded the code. And this is what I now get.

http://www.elevenshadows.com/klphotogra … acama.html

Please let me know what i'm doing wrong. Thanks.

Thanks, that makes sense. I will readjust the rows and see if we can get a little more consistency, and hopefully this will carry across browsers as well.

I am struggling to make the main image for each gallery (all on separate pages) consistent in size.

The original size of each image is 700 px in height, with widths varying.

Here are some examples to show inconsistency.

http://www.elevenshadows.com/klphotogra … atree.html
http://www.elevenshadows.com/klphotogra … doned.html http://www.elevenshadows.com/klphotogra … ginia.html

On Safari, the main image for the abandoned gallery is exactly the right size. Unfortunately, on Firefox it looks very small.

So really, there are two issues: one is image size consistency across galleries, and the other is gallery appearance across browsers. I have read other comments about browser issues and haven’t seemed to find the right fix.


Each of my images contains a link in its caption that takes the viewer to an online store. I would love to be able to format the "hover" behavior so that when the viewer moves their cursor over the caption text, it changes color to indicate that it's a link. The cursor itself changes, but I'd prefer to have the text color change. Is this possible?

Thanks! That's an easy fix :)

I want to add a link to each photo caption that will take the viewer to a website where they can purchase that photo. I followed the coding example provided in the FAQ for adding a hyperlink to a caption, but nothing happens when I click on the caption text, even though the cursor changes as though it's a link. Is this not possible, or  do I have to use something other than the example provided in the FAQ? A sample of my code is below. (My site is not uploaded yet.)

    <caption><![CDATA[<a href="http://www.imagekind.com/Atacama-Volcano-Sky_art?IMID=7acf6d45-8f41-46fc-b37c-d6ac6c4fa5d2" target="_blank">Atacama Volcano, Chile</a>]]></caption>