Not sure how- But, I got it to work! Woohoo!  :D

I have another question though.... Have any idea how I could center in within the blog content area?

Thanks for all your help!


I found the problem... I have more than one wordpress blog on my site... I was putting it under the /blog rather than the /temp.


Now it is recognizing it. However, the blank white box remains....

The site is still under construction, however, here is the page that it's supposed to be embedded on... That white box shows up when I put the code in for the gallery.

Also, I have tried deleting that file and re uploading it to no avail.

Hi Steven,

This is what I have....


and then autoviewer.swf inside there...... Can you see a problem?



Hi all!

I am attempting to embed autoviewer within a wordpress website. I installed Nextgen flash viewer and Nextgen gallery and was able to activate both and upload a gallery of images.

I created the file for the .swf file I needed and it is exactly what they say it should be... I put the new folder I created in the plugins folder which is in the wp-content folder. However, on the plugin page, it claims that the file is not there.

When I try to put the gallery on a page all I see is a white space where the gallery should be..... And that's it! I have the gallery i.d. correct and the width and height match the images... So, I'm guessing it's that it's not recognizing the .swf file. Any idea why it's not? Thanks!