Thank you Steven, I enabled Flash Player and it works like I want it to look on a browser.

For fun I went into my XML file to remove the galleryStyle config but it wasn't there (or I didn't see it). No worries, just wanted to mention it.

Thank you!

Hi Steven
I've made quite a few galleries before and never had something like this...When I get a new gallery set to my satisfaction and save it, the preview looks completely different. I've tried a bunch of different things like starting from scratch, using previously saved galleries, etc, but when I upload the files or even preview it in a local browser the gallery is completely different (and not always the same).

Here is what I'm currently trying to do:

Here is what I'm getting:

I finally found a way to get it to work: ( ) but it seems to only work if I show the thumbnails. When I try to turn thumbnails off, I get some weird results.

Thank you for your time

Thank you for your response.. I didn't think so, but thought I would ask. :)

THANK YOU! Upgrading to the latest version seems to have fixed it. If you don't mind I do have one more question:

Is it possible to have thumbs on BOTH sides of the main photo? For example:

thumb  thumb  MAIN PHOTO  thumb  thumb

Once again, thank you for your quick responses - I love this program!

I am using svBuilder Pro v2.1.2 and really love all the features, however I am stumped.

I am trying to get a gallery to work with the code embedded on my page with no luck. I have tried several different variations but nothing seems to work. The page can be found here: … _test2.php

This page is outside my gallery folder (named "residential"), however even when I try to embed the code into the page and load it from the gallery folder it still does not work: … _test3.php

I would prefer to have all my galleries in separate folder just for organizational purposes as I plan to have several galleries on this site - I did get a gallery to work great by using a .swf code I found in the forum several months ago, but I am not sure if this is the proper way to do it to show up in all platforms,etc:

Thank you in advance