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Gotcha.  Is there a collection of samples of modifications that people have implemented and willing to share with the community?  If not, it would be great to have a section on this website where people can post their mods (of course, in a way that still requires people to purchase SV-PRO to use the mods).  Perhaps even just code samples for common/interesting mods.

Thanks again for the prompt reply Felix.


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Bummer.  I have a lot of experience with ASP.NET and C# development, but I'm a total notice with Flash and ActionScript.

Thanks for the prompt reply Felix.
(btw, SimpleViewer is really quite fantastic.  Very nice job.)


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Is it possible to (easily) customize SimpleViewer (or Pro) to show the image name directly underneath each thumbnail?  (instead of only showing one image name/caption at the bottom of the gallery)

Thanks much


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I would like to have different sizes for different thumbnails.  For example: I would like "portrait" thumbnails be 64px height and 48px width, and "landscape" thumbnails be 48px height and 64px width (all in the same gallery).  That way, there is no distortion/loss from the full image (640x480 and 480x640 let's say).  I can get the full images to display in the correct size ratio of course, but i would like to do that for the thumbnails as well so they are not all "square".

Is that possible to do with Simple Gallery or the Pro version?

Thanks in advance for your help.