Thank you for responding so quickly! I did as you said, and I'm having the same problem. See here
Maybe I'm not inserting the code right? I paste it into the code view in Dreamweaver, is that right?

Tiltviewer is not uploading to my website via Dreamweaver. I ran TiltViewer as a script through Photoshop. I may have messed up this part because I wasn't sure where my out and in folders should be located... So, I open up Dreamweaver, i paste the html code in and all that it says on my website is that Java/Adobe needs to be installed...even though these are up to date on my computer. So, I tried using the fikr option. just because i thought maybe there was a photoshop setting I was missing. Even though I have entered my user Id into the code it still doesn't work!!!! Either way it's the same problem--either the page says download flash/java here.... or a TiltViewer gallery shows up with no images, and then collapses on the screen. What am I missing here? Please help!!