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I purchased SV Builder Pro version 2.3.1  for use on my Windows based computer.

I just got a new Mac and am wondering what would be required to use my software on my new computer.


Thank you! It workwd. i didn't think to do that! I am noticing now that the slide show does not auto play as it does in simpleviewer. Suggestions?


For the life of me, I can't figure out how to get rid of the pause button.

Thanks for your help!

Steven ~

Just wanted to thank you for you help last week. Got the page up, and the slideshow positioned how I wanted it. Thanks again!

Thanks to your help, I've got it so close! The mobile gallery functionality is sweet!

Just a couple more questions.

1) The gallery I created opens up & displays beautifully upon saving, but when I upload it to the webpage, it looks like I am seeing the mobile version instead of Flash on my (PC) laptop. (i.e. the button bar is gone, slideshow feature is gone, and the back/forward navigation buttons appear). Suggestions?

2) The gallery is rendering with empty space above it, even though I sized the images to exactly match the original Flash slideshow parameters and there are no line breaks above the gallery.

Would appreciate any suggestions on the final tweaks : )

ORIGINAL PAGE with Flash Slideshow

NEW PAGE with SimpleViewer Pro Slideshow

Thanks for the tip - appreciate it!

Thanks, Steven.

I checked out both of the links you sent. I had not checked the Use Flash box when creating the slideshow, thinking that would be better for Universal Playback. Seems I should check it anyway and the mobile player will automatically kick in when needed. Makes sense.

Is it expected that the mobile player will render thumbnails instead of the slideshow when being accessed with an iPhone?

I will play with it more tonight. Thanks again.

Thanks so much, Steven. It worked : )

However, I notice both on my iphone and on my laptop, that the gallery doesn't appear the way I see it in the Simpleviewer Pro preview. Uploaded, the images appear as thumbnails and not as a slideshow on both.  If I click on a thumbnail, I can view the larger image, and forward/back buttons appear - but the slideshow doesn't run as I created it.

Any thoughts?

Here is the page again:


The slideshow on the page above was created to look like the Flash slideshow (except I added forward/back & download buttons) on the original  home page here:


Thanks for your continued help troubleshooting  :)

Steven ~

Wow - wasn't expecting a reply to soon on a weekenc - thank you so much!!

Looks like my problem is the pathway to where I have saved the gallery files.

I have a galleries folder, and then a subfolder for the homepage gallery entitled homepage.

So the file path looks like this:

Within the homepage folder are the images, svcore, & thumbs folders for the gallery, as well as gallery.xml and index.html

The file path to my page that includes the gallery looks like this: site>index_feb2013.html

Is there a way to edit the code in my index_feb2013.html file so that the gallery folder can be discovered? On another site in the past, I used iframes to do this because that site had multiple Simpleviewer slideshows. But I noticed that for the best mobile functionality, this method is not recommended.

I expect this site to grow to include additional sideshows, so it seems to make sense to have a galleries folder to hold them....

Just upgraded to the newest SimpleViewer Pro software today. Created a gallery to replace one that was in Flash.

Page with old Flash slideshow:

Page with new Simpleviewer Pro slideshow:

For some reason, the Simpleviewer Pro slideshow is not appearing on its page.

Any suggestions? Thank you for any help!!


Thank you so much for the reply... and I am so grateful that the fix is so easy!!!

Have a great holiday season : )


I am a fairly new web developer and recently purchased sv-Builder Pro 2.2  to create multiple galleries for a client's website, which is built in Dreamweaver 5.5.

The galleries look great in Firefox, Chrome, and IE9, but my client reports that in earlier versions of IE they are seeing the white box that I have read about in the forum. I checked through Adobe Browser Lab and I also see the white box.

The galleries are embedded as html pages within iframes.

http://members.cox.net/hopke_new_site/c … enter.html

I verified my code and it is pretty darn clean, but there must be something in there that is causing the white box problem....

Would you please check it out my code and let me know what I might do to fix it?

Thank you!!