I just purchased it a few days ago...I can't understand why it wouldn't be the latest version. If I upgrade, will I have to republish the .swf again?

What else was changed in the new version?


Thanks, I got it working on one individual gallery, but I want every gallery that I create to auto start. Is it possible to make this happen without always having to replace the .swf in every new gallery?

Just an FYI...the "republish autoviewer.swf" instructions are flawed. It seems that mine is named simply "viewer.swf"

I'm trying to something very similar... I recently purchased Auto Viewer Pro and I"m using it on a Mac in Lightroom 3. I would like a check box for Auto Start to appear in the LR interface...so that once my gallery is created, I don't have to go and edit any code. Can you please give me step by step instructions.