Well, one simple solution would be to copy/paste/replace the same caption text in the whole xml document.

If you have a lot of galleries, another solution would be to add
that caption text directly in the .as file. At the same place where caption is set to be taken from the xml document. Where that is, Im not sure though.

That's all I got. I don't know the 3rd one.

aaaand now I've tossed that last solution out the window!

What I settled for..
When I click on a thumb in gallery5, an extra xml-value for that thumb(value 1-4), tells the script to load any of galleries 1-4.

Now when that gallery is loaded, the xml value I mentioned in the previous post (value equal to that images position in the order)
is sent to a for loop, which runs this below the number of times equal to the xml value.

_root.mcLoader.sm.mThumbArea.selectedThumbIndex ++

Lets say the 7th image is loaded, then the loop flips forward 7 times, to finally show the right image. To make this look a bit nicer, Im simultaniously running a fade in/out white layer plate on top to hide the forward flipping of the images. Boom - there you go!

Maybe this helped someone, even though Im pretty sure most of this made no real sense.

Now I've succeeded in getting the right image to show with:

Inside the () I've put a xml value which is the same as the imgIndex of that pic in the loaded gallery. Now my only problem is that the previous/next image-buttons acts really weird. Any ideas if there are any other functions/variables that need to be set for the image to show up correctly?

Well, I'm making progress I guess.. I've managed to add an extra xml-value in galleries that sends clicks on thumbs in gallery5 to any of gallery1-4, depending on what xml-number that current thumb has(in the xml-file). All fine.
Now Im trying to pass a variable from Thumb.as to multiplegalleries.fla, but Im having no luck.

For example, Id really like to pass selectedThumbIndex from thumb.as to multiplegalleries.fla stage.

Bump bump.
I'm sort of interestedin knowing this too..

In short, can I somehow jump/go to to a specific image when loading a gallery (ie, not the first in xml document)?


I added:

var fmt:TextFormat = mCaption_mc.txtText.getTextFormat();

into public function showCaption(index:Number) in StageManager.as, added a character to the textfield, and then my letter spacing/kerning changes to textfield worked!

Ive managed to find the solution for my problem at least. I don't know about you but I wanted a simple darker color change on hoover that stays as long as the user keeps mouse pointer on arrow.

In RolloverButton.as you'll find a couple of nifty functions. In onRollOut() and onRollOver() I added this with two different color values:


    var col = new Color(mBtn_mc);

In doFlash() I added a stop() and unactivated what I think is the line that runs the tween all around. This way the tween stops halfway.

private function doFlash(){        

And that last mFadeTwn.continueTo(100,1); I moved to onRollOut().

Maybe this helped a bit. It's a dirty solution and not that perfect, and some of the changes might not even be needed. But I got it working, and thast's all I care about at the moment.

Maybe the solution could be found in RolloverButton.as.
I'm poking around there now..

To recap:
Can I somehow jump/go to to a specific image when loading a gallery (ie, not the first in xml document)? By using some nifty variable or something.

- - - - - - - - -

My setup:
I have a site with 5 separate galleries and the 4 first only shows images (no thumbs, those are hidden). The 5th gallery is the opposite and only thumbs are shown. The idea is that the 5th gallery is an overview of all other galleries (and contains dublicates if all other gallery xml-data).

Let's say I load gallery5 and then click on a thumb. Then the correct image is shown, but I'm still in gallery 5. I'd like to jump to the gallery (any of 1-4 ) that contains that image as well.

I've managed to load a certain gallery when clicking gallery 5 thumb but I can't get around always showing first image.

Any ideas? Is there a variable to set that overrides the first image in xml-document to load?

Let's say I create a button that loads a specific gallery - Can I make it load on a specific image? Like, if I want to load gallery3 and not show first image i xml document, but instead the 3rd image.

Can I use any of these in some way?

mThumbArea.selectedThumbIndex =  2;
mCurrentImageIndex = 2;
mCurrentImageIndex = 2;
mIndex = 2;


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In ImageArea.as:

Row 117 -> mImageLoadQueue.reverse();

Row 35 ->   private var mImageLoadQueue:Array;//list of image ids in order to be loaded

Shouldn't any of these be helpful?


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Well, after getting tired of trial & error I took the idiot route and solved it by multiplying the gallery, each with the images in different order, and then I used a simple Math.floor(Math.random()*number); to "randomize" which gallery to load. It's not pretty, but it sort of works.


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I'll try continuing my spree of helping without really helping...

In XMLManager you'll probably need to add this around line 48:

public var yourtextfieldname:Array;

..and this around line 74:

yourtextfieldname = [];

and this around line 142:       


Maybe this was no news to you, but it might have helped. Beyond that, you got me beat.


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Does anyone know how to get the thumbs to show up randomly each time gallery is loaded, and not by the order in xml file?


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Sorry, no answer, just more questions..

This sounds like just what I need... How was it possible in 1.8? Like one main gallery loads and upon click on a thumb another subgallery loads (instead of that thumb's image) ?

You mean directly adding a value in the Letter spacing field in dynamic text field txtText, which is inside Caption movieclip? Because I tried that, and it doesn't work.


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But I will need the flash-software to do this changes, won't I? - I just have an text-editor.

Yeah, unfortently you do

I have a site using multiple galleries and now I need to add some letter spacing to the caption text.

I've managed to hide/show caption with this target path:
.. but I can't target the dynamic text field named "txtText" which lies inside MovieClip "Caption" in simpleviewer.fla.

The code I'm trying to use is(and succesfully applied to gallery menu):

var format:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
format.letterSpacing = 1;

..the code above is "poured in" multiple_galleries.fla.

Any ideas?


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I'm a novice at flash/actionscript but have made some major customizations. So I'll try answering some of your questions...

- different border-measures at top and bottom to put a div-box with navigation closer to the gallery

If you mean the border around main image it's real easy to change border size as long as you have the same measures all around. I you want different measures, that might be acheived, but it's beyond me. Probably needs major modification of actionscript.
If you mean only general border-measures for the whole gallery-swf, that's doable, no prob.

- repositioning the line for Caption/Description to the corner left/bottom (same hight with the scroll-arrows)
- resize the arrows, which scroll the pages

Repositioning of different elements is not that hard. Most changes can easily be made via options.as file, some require modefication of .fla and .as files. I also managed to change the arrows through some poking around in the .fla. Not that difficult to do - And Im a flash/actionscript novice.

- get most values usable in xml to include them in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom -> theturninggate com -> TTGSimpleViewer for Lightroom
Would there be an update if flash8 isn't up to date anymore?

This I can't help you with.


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I've gotten your above code to work, but wonder if I can choose only to change caption on roll over - In other words, not change larger image on roll over, just caption. And large image only changes upon click.

Yeah, I'd really like to know this too.

I know Felix & co are as busy as the next guy, but it kind of sucks that so many questions in these forums go unanswered.


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Yeah, I'm also having troulbe with arrows for left aligned images