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Thanks for explaining it. Kind of a bummer you can't change the mobile thumbnail size when viewing on the web.


(2 replies, posted in SimpleViewer-Pro v2)

I'm using the pro version and cannot get the thumbnails to publish to the correct size. I want them to be 112x112.

In svBuilder-Pro >> Images >> Image Size
I changed the thumbnail size and it shows that I did in the preview of the gallery. When I publish it the size is back to 75x75.

I bought the pro version so that I could easily do this. Please advise on how to fix this ASAP.

Here is a link to the xml: http://www.vasariplaster.com/simple-gal … allery.xml

As you can see it shows the 112x112 but won't display that way.


So I think the issue is a bug with not using the gallery as Flash. As soon as you switch to using it as flash it works.