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Hi Bart,
Thanks for the interest :)

The code is now available here: http://benhughes.freehostia.com/SVA/

I don't claim that it's perfect - before this I had no exposure to SV, SVA or PHP. Seems to work for me and a few others though.

I've emailed the original author but have not heard anything back as yet.



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Righto, things are looking better.


That's SV1.8 and SVA1.4b. There's only two bugs that I've found:


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Righto, someone shoot me!

It seems that the problem is (somehow) with the host! Putting the base simpleviewer install on my ISP's website works just fine in FF, but unfortunately I don't have PHP there.

The exact same files on awardspace (where I have PHP) fail to display thumbs and images, even though the permissions are 777 and everything works fine in IE.

I'm dumbfounded as to how the host could possibly be affecting this, based on browser type.

Maybe I just need to find another free host with PHP....



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This is really starting to bug me! The SV gallery at http://www.airtightinteractive.com/photos/ works perfectly fine, and I can't for the life of me work out the difference between how it is set up, and how http://benhughes.awardspace.com/simpleviewer/ is.

I've even taken index.html from the first sight and chucked it in the second, and still the same problem of images and thumbs not being displayed. I've re-run buildgallery.php, and get the correct output

Creating XML and thumbnails for SimpleViewer.

Sorting images by date.
Sorting images in reverse order.

- Created Image Entry for: 115-1503_IMG.jpg
- Created Thumbnail for: 115-1503_IMG.jpg

Successfully created XML document: gallery.xml

Other than the images, the gallery.xml's look the same too.

Anyone want to fill me in on the Firefox secret before I go nuts?



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Hmm, interesting!

I have exactly the same problem with the default SV install.

http://benhughes.awardspace.com/simpleviewer/ is just the files from here unzipped and uploaded.

Is this a common problem?



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Thanks for the reply Felix.

It seems to have helped a little - the thumbs now always display, however the full size image does not.

Any other suggestions?


Hi all,
Seeing as SimpleViewerAdmin doesn't seem to be actively maintained, I'm having a crack and updating it to be compatible with SimpleViewer 1.8.

Once it's decent, I'll chase down the author and see what's what.

Anyway, so far everything looks good, except that albums are a little buggy in Firefox. Sometimes the thumbs display, sometimes not. The main image very rarely displays.

There's an example of the problem here: http://benhughes.awardspace.com/testbed/?album=Album2

The call to viewer.swf looks good to me, and the 'open in new window' links work, so the images exist. The paths also look correct, including case.

Anyone have any ideas?