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You can try SimpleViewerAdmin -

You can uploade new photos, create new albums, reorder your photo...
But it makes some pretty bad thumbnail quality.


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I don't know if I can ask a SimpleViewerAdmin question here, but
I'll try. Else tell me to ask my question another place.

I'm running SV 1.8 and SVA 1.3, and it works just fine. But the quality of the thumbnails is pretty low. Is there somewhere I can change the thumbnails to a better quality ?

When I try to build the gallery using buildgallery.php, it do not create any thumbnails only a big white X. I have try to close and open my browser, but nothing happens. When I look at the server in the thumbnail folder, it is empty. Can some one help me here ?

Here is the log from the build -

( buildgallery.php version 1.9, running under php version 5.2.3, GD library version 2.0.34)

10 jpg images found in images folder.

Sorting images by date. Sort in reverse order.

   1. Taasinge0039a.jpg
   2. Slot.jpg
   3. Krigsskib0008cbb.jpg
   4. Krigsskib0002cc.jpg
   5. Dyrehaven0006a.jpg
   6. 100_0066B&W2.jpg
   7. 100_0066B&W.jpg
   8. 13x18cm_004.jpg
   9. 13x18cm_003.jpg
  10. 115-1503_IMG.jpg

Successfully created XML document: gallery.xml

Attempting to create thumbnails in thumbs folder:


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Is there an CMS where you can create new albums and uploade new photos to the Gallery ?


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I'm using this counter on other sites that I have -

To use it, I have to add some code to the website, but is it possible in
simpleviewer and if, then in what file should I add the code ?


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When I use Picasa2 to generate my gallery, it turns down the quality
of the picture, both on the thumbnail and on the picture that shows
in the frame. But I can right-click on the picture and choose "open picture in new windows" and then it shows the picture in good quality.

Porta do not have this problem, but it shows a text in the bottom that
says "powered by Porta" - I don't want this line to be showed.

Some that can help here ?


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No one that can help me with this problem ?

I have the same problem her, and I got the 1.8 pro version.

If I use porta to generate my album, I get this line "powered by porta" in the bottom line. But I can also add some text my self.

But I would like to usePicasa to generate my albums, but it does not include this line. How can I add my own text down in the bottom ?

I have used simpleviewer 1.8 and have now bought the pro version.

I'm using Porta to make my albums with.

How do I update my album to the pro version ?
Do I uploade all the pro files to my webhost ?

I can see that there is an Example and an web dir. My guess would be that I do not need to upload these dirs, but only the source dir. Is that right ?


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Where is this buildgallery.php file located ?
I can't find it anywhere. I have the pro version 1.8


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I have two questions.

1. Is it possible to make a link to just one picture in simpleviewer ?
    if I have uploaded one new picture and want some people to
    see this picture, I don't want them to run through the entire album to
    find it, so sending them a link to the picture would be great. But I
    can't find a way to do this.

2. Is it possible to see the exif-data of the pictures that is uploaded in
    simpleviewer ?