When I try to go to the WP-SV Galleries wordpress menu (used to configure and create gallery.xml files), I got the following error message :
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /.../www/wp-content/plugins/wp-simpleviewer_v1.5.4_modified/wp-simpleviewer-admin.php on line 1158

The visited URL is http://www.guillaumemenant.fr/wp-admin/ … viewer.php

I also got the same error when I try to go to the WP-Simpleviewer settings.

When I had this problem, I was cleaning my plugin list within Wordpress and deleted from the Wordpress interface a wp-simpleviewer v2.2.0 and a wp-simpleviewer v1. These 2 were not active but perhaps Wordpress also modified something in the database ?

I tried to update my Wordpress version also since and it didn't fix the problem.

EDIT : I also had issues to visualize my already created galleries. I restored some values in the sql database and it's now working but I still hav a problem with the admin part...

EDIT n°2 : I tried with wp-simpleviewer_v1 from your website (should be the v1.5.4 like mine) and it works... The problem is I previously done some modifications on my version of the pugin to build large galleries without php timeout, can you help me on this point ? Give me the original v1.5.4 version to make a diff or a solution ?

Thanks a lot  for your help.

Ok, thanks for your answer.

Ok, I was not clear enough :D In fact, I don't want to open it in full screen but I don't want to display the gallery in my wordpress post. I want to display a single image linked to the gallery and the gallery should open in a new page but not necessarilly in fullscreen mode.

Does it seems more possible ?

Thanks for your answer.

I'm trying Simpleviewer V2 in Wordpress and for now I succeed to display a gallery on one of my post. Then, if I click on the "fullscreen" button the gallery is shown in fullscreen.

Can I directly open a gallery in fullscreen mode when I click on an classic image of my post ?