Sorry for my delay. I´ll buy AutoViewer-Pro and try it in my application soon.


Hello, I have a project designed in AS2 where I use a image gallery that loads different image galleries from a unique xml file.
I´d like to use the beautiful AutoViewer-Pro, but I´d like to be sure that it will fit my needs before purchasing it.

Folders structure

    |_ /gallery1
    |     |_image1.jpg
    |     |_image2.jpg

My xml structure:

  -<gallery name="Gallery1" folder="galery1">
  <image name="" description="" file="image1.jpg"/>
  -<gallery name="Gallery2" folder="gallery2">
  <image name="" description="" file="image2.jpg"/>

- I have a fullscreen container.swf that loads a second .swf (from now on called B.swf)
- B.swf reads the xml file and creates an array for each gallery
- B.swf loads a movieclip gallery that reads the images from the array of the selected gallery.

Question: Is it possible to make B.swf load in fullscreen mode an Autoviewer-Pro instance for each gallery?