Hey djpm05,
I like what you did with http://spidertaffy com/testdir/web/
What changes did you make to haphun code to let you do this, I'm still having trouble with his code but hopefully soon will figure it out.


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Accufund, did you ever post an example of this.  It sounds like what I'm trying to do.


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Yes, I know about the source code, but I'm not familiar with actionscript and was wandering if someone had customized the script to allow you to do this.


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so even if you have purchased the pro version, you still cannot do this?


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What I'm looking to do or wandering if it's possible, is I'd like to be able to enlarge the main image when I click on it or have it pop out in separate window.  I know about the caption option, but would rather be able to click on the image itself to get the window or the enlargement.  I'm not well versed in actionscript, so if possible, the easier the better.

I was wandering if there is a way to click on the main image and it opens up bigger in either a pop up window or separate page?

The test version was working with my images and links, but when I changed
the x,y of the image area and background color it no longer worked.  Any


Will this allow me to link external websites to the images when clicked?

Hopefully this isn't going to hijack this thread...

Here's a finished version of your work, integrated with what I'm doing currently.

spidertaffy com/testdir/web/

This combines exactly step-for-step what you did, along with about 4-5 extra lines of code. :)


I'm not the type of guy to get all touchy about thread hijacking  :D

I like your shadowbox implementation, you should definitely post the code here for those who want it.


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I purchased the viewer pro and everything is working great.  The only thing I can't figure out(probably because I'm not proficient in Flash) is how to enable arrows so I can view 10 - 20 thumbnails at a  time(ie. gallery 2 in the examples folder) and how to move those arrows below the thumbnails.   Any suggestions, would be a big help.