I upgraded to SimpleViewer Pro and it's coming along nicely; however, I have one issue and one question:

Issue:  I would like to include caption text above and below the Google Map.  My caption tag currently looks like this:

<font size="10">October 15, 2011</font><br><br>
<a href="http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=50 6 22N,8 40 37E&spn=0.1,0.1&t=p&q=50 6 22N,8 40 37E" TARGET="_blank">
<img src="http://maps.google.com/maps/api/staticmap?center=50 6 22N,8 40 37E&zoom=10&size=230x230&maptype=terrain&markers=color:blue|50 6 22N,8 40 37E&sensor=false" /></a>
<br><br><font size="10">Frankfurt am Main, Germany</font><br><br>
<font size="16"><b>the Main river</b></font>

However, when I look at the rendered page (http://www.bigheaddan.com/bhd/2011Germany1), the city name below the Google Map is being truncated so I can only see a couple characters at the end of the name.  For example, instead of "Frankfurt am Main, Germany", only "in, Germany" is rendered.  I've tried quite a few things to get around this, but haven't found a solution.  Any ideas?

Question: can I add a white border around the Google map?  I tried using a "border=3" tag inside the IMG tag, but it's ignored.

Thanks again!

Thanks, Steven.  You're correct... looks like Google can handle Lat/Long in DMS format.  This is very helpful.

Another question regarding the map... is there a way to position the map separately from the Caption?  For instance, I'd like to have the map in the lower-left corner of the screen like Nicolas's example shows, but have the photo caption immediately below the main photo.  Seems like this would require different page elements (caption vs map).

I could also get by with putting the thumbnails at the bottom of the page in one row and putting the caption and map on the left or right side.  Is this supported?  All of the presets I see that have thumbnails on the bottom do not have captions.

I'm trying to the same basic thing as Nicolas... add a Google Map image to the corner of each page of my SimpleViewer gallery.  I've been able to get through the steps as you've outlined above; however, I'm trying to use Lightroom v3.4.1 to create the initial SimpleViewer gallery since my images are already geocoded. 

Here's my desired workflow:
1. Import RAW images into Lightroom that have not been geocoded
2. Use Jeff Friedl's Geoencoding LR plug-in to geocode the images in Lightroom and save the GPS coordinates to the EXIF metadata:
3. Use Turning Gate's SimpleViewer plug-in to create the SimpleViewer v2 compatible web gallery:
http://shop.theturninggate.net/collecti … mpleviewer
4. Add a Google Map image (and corresponding "a href" link) to the Caption field using LR's "Text Template Editor"
5. Export the web gallery
6. Modify the web gallery with SimpleViewer Pro to customize the look and feel.
7. Upload the web gallery to my website

The problem I'm running into currently is related to #4.  I see how I can calculate the Caption field in Lightroom field using the Text Template Editor, but I don't see a way to insert the GPS coordinates in a format compatible with Google Maps.  The GPS coordinates appear to be stored in Lightroom in Deg-Min-Sec (i.e. 50°6'22" N 8°40'37" E).  I need these to be exported in Decimal Degrees.

Any suggestions for how I can generate a Google Map compatible URL from Lightroom?  Or do you have any other ideas for a better workflow?

Also, one completely separate question:  does SimpleViewer support URL's to streaming video (i.e. YouTube, Flickr, etc)?  I'd like to include a few videos along with my photos in my gallery.