Hi jack,

it happens every time with the first image which size is > 1 MB!

The the debug flag in constants.php there is noe other response, only a blank white page.

I can, as you ask me, resize the images during the upload with the option turned on for resize.
But makes it sense? I think it will be better for all common users that we will find a solution for this problem,
what do you think?


Hi there,

I also have the same problem with the blank page. It seems that in fact a file greater than 1 MB destroys
the gallery a little bit. What I have find out with svmtest is on:

Server 1:
Php version    5.2.6-1+lenny13    ✔
Safe mode    off    ✔
GD graphics library version    2.0    ✔
XML parser functions    available    ✔

Server 2:
Php version    5.2.17    ✔
Safe mode    off    ✔
GD graphics library version    2.0.34    ✔
XML parser functions    available    ✔

So I go more into details. On Server 1 there was no problem with the SimpleViewer/svmanager. I can upload files
larger than 1MB. The gallery.xml in the g1 folder is correct!

On Server 2 there musst be something wrong. The files are uploaded correctly, so ther is no probem with the upload.
I have checkd this with an FTP connection after I get the blank page.
If I open the gallery.xml these files are missing and I can not upload any other files to this gallery.
So now I edit the gallery.xml manually and add the entries for the files I had uploaded before. The gallery now accepts
no other files (except their size is < 1 MB).

The main different now are the server configuration which you see above.
I also figured out that the files are in the image folder, but in the thumbs folder is only one file of all these which should
be added to the gallery.

So my question is, can there be a problem during the creation of the thumb pictures?
Can anybody make other test? I mean it seems there is a problem and it will be great if the developer
can fix this as fast as possible, because there are many people which have the same effect!

For a feedback I will thank you

Kind regards