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I was actually wondering the same thing but when I tried out the code from the FAQ page, it wouldn't work.  The caption showed up as clickable text but when I clicked on it, nothing happened.  Then it was no longer clickable.  Any ideas?


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I was playing with some test pages to start so I can get the pathing right for the xml/images etc and modify the colors and whatnot.  Everything was working fine until I created a page that had a master page.  I don't get any errors and I know the paths are OK for everything but it's almost as if now I'm using a master page, the viewer is behind the content of the that page as well as the master page.  I've looked at the included css and even tried to modify the z-index to try and bring the flash content forward.  I've even tried putting this viewer in a <div> tag without any luck.  I'm also getting a javascript error.  "Null is null or not an object", very useful indeed LOL

It's probably something silly I'm doing wrong.  :) Thanks for any help.